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Thanks again for visiting my website. I wanted to take a moment to explain my unique approach to helping home buyers find the perfect home, and how signing up to receive MLS real estate listings is a great first step in the process.

The Auto Listings:

It is a long standing tradition in the industry for real estate agents to push too soon to meet potential home buyers, even though the typical home buyer starts their online search up to 12 months before they consider themselves ready to buy. One of the best ways to do this is to look at all the listings that come up in your particular area of interest. It’s informative to know what’s going on in the market, plus it’s fun, we do it too!

What to Expect:

1. Fill out the form below or give us a call. Tell us the particulars of the type of listings you want to receive.
2. We will have you set up by the next business day.
3. From time to time we will check in with a friendly email to see how everything is going, and to offer some great home buying resources.
4. If you are ready to make the next step we are here when you need us!

Please note that you are signing up to have listings automatically sent to you. We are not actively searching for you and if you are closer to buying (3 months or less) we recommend setting up a time to talk.

Ready? Fill out the Form or Give us a Call at 905-902-2284

  • For example: Burlington, Oakville, Waterdown. Milton, Flamborough Tell me all that apply, you just don't have to list one.
  • Do you have 1 or more specific neighbourhoods in mind? Let us know here.
  • For Example: Detached, Semi, townhouse, condo...ect
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  • Please enter a value between 0 and 15.
  • Have a specific school boundary in mind? Or maybe you need to be close to a Go Train station. The more specific you can be the better.
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