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Category Archives: December 2015

Should you put more money toward your mortgage payments this year?

Posted 4 years ago

Have some extra money and want to know whether you should put it toward your mortgage payments? Making prepayments on your mortgage could save you thousands of dollars over the years…just as long as your mortgage lender allows them. Here’s some information, courtesy of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, to help you make the best decision. A mortgage prepayment… Read More…

New Year’s Resolutions for your home

Posted 4 years ago

The start of a new year is a great time for resolutions. Instead of making a resolution for yourself, why not consider making a new year’s resolution for your home? Make a list of your home’s top priorities and enjoy that feeling of satisfaction when they’re done. These five tips will help you get started! It’s an excellent time to get… Read More…

Ski and skate till your heart’s content in Burlington!

Posted 4 years ago

Winter has arrived and with it comes the opportunity to enjoy some of Canada’s most popular cold weather sports. Here in Burlington, there are many options for lacing up your skates and strapping on those skis for another season! Skate outdoors or go tobogganing at Bronte Creek Provincial Park, located at 3201 Lower Middle Road. The park’s outdoor rink is open daily from… Read More…

Have repairs but not the budget? Here are some money saving tips!

Posted 4 years ago

Every year that goes by as a homeowner, there’s always some updating to do, whether it’s landscaping, replacing the roof, driveway paving, basement renos, etc…the list can be endless. Just like your car, regular maintenance is a necessity, and the same holds true for your home. Even for condo owners where much of the exterior… Read More…

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