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Update your room by refreshing your ceiling

Posted 4 years ago

Gaby Leveille - Update your room by refreshing your ceilingWhen thinking of ceilings most times what comes to mind is the popcorn (stucco) ceiling, or one that’s just white and flat. But, if you are looking to update your room, there are some really beautiful options out there to spice up your ceiling and add some flair to your room’s fifth wall.

The most common way to give your ceiling a makeover is with paint. It’s affordable and can really update the look of the space. There is no right or wrong colour to choose, as lighter colours on the ceiling expand space, while dark colours add warmth. You can create contrast in the room by painting the ceiling dark in a light or neutral room and vise versa. If you match the ceiling paint colour to the wall colour, it creates the illusion of a taller space. It can be as dramatic as you want it to be.

Wallpaper is another option. It allows you to be as fun or sophisticated as you want – choose damask and textured wallpaper for a luxurious look; choose brightly coloured patterned wallpaper for a truly unique look and a conversation starter!

Adding tiles or planks is a great way to add style and conceal ceiling damage too. There are several to choose from like square or rectangular tiles or planks made of PVC vinyl, laminate, or mineral fiber. Tin tiles have become a popular choice for ceilings, especially in restaurants and chic boutiques. Why not mimic the same look in your home? They provide a classy, yet vintage-urban vibe. Embossed tin-plated steel tiles often reproduce mid-1800s patterns. Or choose polystyrene ceiling tiles, made of extruded polystyrene (high density styrofoam). They are light, elegant, moisture proof, paintable, easy to clean and can be installed directly over the popcorn ceiling.

Other ceiling options that can be explored are vaulted, beam, sculptural, tray, cathedral, cove, suspended, and drop ceilings.

A new ceiling will definitely turn some heads and add a dramatic new look to your home!


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